Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mangayar Ulagam

 When i was my child wood  time am a very play full girl . My mum is very orthodox and very strict also.  But i got two very good child wood friend  still v r in touch . [ 50 ] years friendship. But now a days v cant keep up like that friend ship[true], Because all due to status & money . But in my life only friends were wel wishers, guidelines , good adviser , and pray for my struggling times. After my 2 nd daughter boned after that only i got too much courage and brave each and everything. I use to advise my daughters be courage and learn how to face it if the struggle comes .

Dear friends   please give respect always your parents and your mother, wife ,daughter. and who is poor status . and try to help them what u can !. MAGAYARAI PIRANDIDA MAA THAVAM SEIDIDAVENDUM.  

That women only sacrificing  her life thro out her life time , For her family  in all kind of work .

good bye 

 meet in next

Iron Lady.If i am always comparing myself with other human beings, I will suffer from ego or jealousy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mangayar Ulagam

     Om Namo Narayana The god is with us only , so that v r living in the world 

Dear My lovable daughters and MY great son in law { like my own son} and MY in laws Mrs& Mr Sambamurthy . First up all i  would like to thak   them  to get a wonderful family touch with them  till my life time .  My guru is my elder daughter NIck name Bobby in every thing she is boosting me to learn what i can do up to my limit.  Do u know one thing  am having wonder ful grand son like kutty krishna Vihaan Sujay  one yr old , he is very cuite and very clever boy.

 wil catch u tomorrow 

 have wonderful Dashara festivels day . LAXMI, SARASWATHY, SAKTHY & bakthi  v need all 4 in our life time who ever it may be.

 Please pray always for the world peace & happiness.

 good bye 

ur good friend

Iron lady 

Mangayar Ulagam